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Flex Pro 14"

Flex Pro 14"

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  • Adds 2 extra 14" monitors to your laptop
  • A single cable (USB-C or USB-3.0)
  • Fits all 11" to 18" laptops
  • For Mac (inc. M1 M2 M3), Windows, Android
  • 2x 1080p IPS HDR Eyesafe Anti-glare displays
  • Made of premium aluminum
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 524 reviews
    Jeff H.

    Great for watching Netflix at work! Just kidding, great work tool.

    Angelica S.

    Un poco caro para las prestaciones que ofrece, pero no por ello deja de ser una buena herramienta de trabajo.

    Isabel B.

    For a growing start-up, it's necessary to adapt to changing needs. Flex makes it easier. We can have everything in front of us and stop stressing. It effectively supports our expansion without requiring frequent hardware upgrades.

    Ranger L.

    Great tool for staying organised and efficient. A good experience that I'd recommend to digital nomads.

    Lorette P.

    Als Freiberuflerin ist das Flex zu meinem wertvollsten Werkzeug geworden. Es ermöglicht mir, mit Leichtigkeit zwischen verschiedenen Projekten zu jonglieren, und unterstützt meinen flexiblen Arbeitsstil und meine wechselnden Bedürfnisse.

    4 million pixels panoramic view

    Dive into vibrant visuals with our dual Full HD matte, anti-glare screens. Details are sharper, while the high-contrast backlighting ensures brilliantly bright whites and rich blacks.


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    800.000+ ambassadors around the world

    Step into the next era of laptop technology

    Experience intuitive control at your fingertips with the Flex's Pro OSD menu. Easily adjust brightness, contrast, and more to tailor your viewing experience, ensuring optimal visual comfort and precision for every task.

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    Deploy it

    Introducing Flex Pro: effortlessly place it to the back of your Mac or Windows laptop with its integrated kickstand. Connect it with a single USB cable and watch as your three-screen workstation springs into action.

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    Rotate it

    With Flex's Pro dual 180° rotational capability, showcasing your work to peers opposite you becomes a breeze. Seamlessly tilt your Mac or Windows laptop displays using a singular USB connection for a direct and interactive audience engagement.

    CES AWARD 2024

    - 03

    Combine them

    Crafted with ingenuity, Flex's Pro displays merge to form a triangular configuration, the ideal setup for team discussions and group projects. Circulate your content seamlessly to everyone gathered.

    ⭐️ RATED 4.5/5 BASED ON 1000+ REVIEWS

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    Single-USB Wonder

    The Portable Monitor Flex Pro orchestrates your three-screen array with a lone USB cable (or combine with a second HDMI), positioning itself as the pinnacle of efficiency for developers, photographers, and simultaneous task jugglers.

    🟠 Available on Amazon
    Landing page 7 - Portable monitor

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    All-Encompassing Compatibility

    Flex Pro is designed to synchronize with almost any laptop, Android tablet or smartphone, doubling the screen real estate of your Mac, Windows and Android machines with ease.

    • Single USB cable

      Instantly connect to dual displays using just one USB cable, tapping into the dynamic versatility of a three-screen workstation.

    • +42% productivity

      Amplify your laptop's prowess with the smooth incorporation of our cutting-edge tech, facilitating a substantial 42% surge in productivity.

    • Compatible with Mac, Windows, & Android

      Connect with ease to Mac, Windows and Android devices with The Flex Pro 14" universal compatibility, designed to streamline your workflow.

    • Compact Design

      Boost on-the-go productivity with our sleek, travel-friendly solution, easily slipping into a backpack or laptop bag.

    • Ultra-thin

      Refine your workspace aesthetics with our slender, nimble design, curated for ergonomic elegance and minimalism.

    • Multi-level stand

      Discover peak ergonomic innovation with our built-in stand, granting adjustable sightlines and unmatched user comfort.

    • Work on the Move

      Relish the liberty to operate from virtually anywhere, courtesy of a versatile tool attuned to your dynamic lifestyle.

    • Intuitive control at your fingertips.

      Easily adjust brightness, contrast, and more to tailor your viewing experience, ensuring optimal visual comfort and precision.

    • Portrait mode

      Switch to vertical mode on the Flex Pro for a streamlined view, perfect for coding, reading, or browsing in portrait orientation.

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    Focus on the Flex Pro 14"

    Our dedication is unwavering when it comes to attending to the minutest details, ensuring each Flex Pro is a masterclass in design and functionality.

    Friction hinges

    Integrated with precision-engineered friction hinges, Flex Pro guarantees consistent stability and fluidity during screen adjustments, ensuring an elite user experience.

    All product details

    Multi-level stand

    The nuanced multi-level stand offers unmatched adjustability, empowering you to set the screens at the ideal angle tailored to your preferences.

    User manual

    Lightweight & thin

    With its svelte, lightweight, and easily transportable design, Flex Pro seamlessly fits into diverse workspaces, be it stationary or on-the-move.

    • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

      Portable monitors are an alternative to external monitors. They provide the advantage of being easy to transport, so you can also toss them in your laptop bag when traveling.

      See the press article