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Why become a The Portabl Monitor ambassador?

Our goal is to enable anyone (The Portable Monitor users or not) to share their passion for our innovative products and our mission—to revolutionize the way people work and enhance productivity in an increasingly flexible world.

As a The Portable Monitor ambitious,every time you introduce a new friend or family member to The Portable Monitor community, you both benefit. You earn a referral bonus of 8% per order, while the person you refer receives a discount on their purchase too with welcome pop-up discount code.We also appreciate your loyalty as a The Portable Monitor user and encourage you to share your experience with our cutting-edge laptop extensions.

There is no limitto the number of referral bonuses you can earn, you can request a payment any time you want, on a weekly basis. Referral bonuses cannot be transferred between accounts or assigned to other individuals. The referral program is subject to our terms and conditions.

We welcome individuals with a community or follower base, as well as those who want to be a part of the growing trend of remote and hybrid work.Your participation in our referral program allows you to have a positive impact on the way people work, empowering them to adopt more flexible, productive, and efficient work styles.

In line with our values, The Portable Monitor is proud to support the well-being of our planet and promote sustainable work practices. We believe that through individual efforts and conscious choices, we can contribute to a better tomorrow. By encouraging remote and flexible work, we not only help reduce congestion in urban centers but also minimize our environmental impact. At The Portable Monitor, we strive to provide you with the tools needed to work efficiently from any location, allowing you to play your part as a responsible global citizen and contribute to a greener future for all.

Thank you for your participation in driving the global shift towards more adaptable and innovative work environments.

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Discover the advantages of The Portable Monitor

A number of screen combinations are made possible to you. No more switching between the editor, the viewer and the library. Visualize and develop at the same time.