We'll be at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

We'll be at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

Our Exciting Unveiling at CES 2024: Introducing Twins 15.6" and Flex Pro 14"

In January 2024, we had the privilege of participating in CES 2024, one of the most anticipated tech events of the year. Our primary goal was to showcase our innovative new products to the world and gather invaluable feedback from industry experts.

We proudly presented the world premiere of two groundbreaking monitors: the Twins 15.6" and the Flex Pro 14". These products represent the pinnacle of our latest technological advancements and design philosophy. Before officially launching these monitors, we sought expert opinions to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence and innovation.

During the event, we had the opportunity to engage with several esteemed journalists from renowned tech publications such as TechRadar, UberGuizmo, and PCWorld. These interactions were incredibly insightful, allowing us to gather diverse perspectives on our products and refine them further based on expert feedback.

We are pleased to share the articles from these esteemed publications that highlight their thoughts on our new monitors:

Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of technology and deliver exceptional products that enhance your digital experience.

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